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Since December 1969, we have been focusing on manufacturing and selling high quality Chlorella products. In September 1976, we started marketing Sun Chlorella “A” with cell wall pulverization technology and it is now available in 21 countries and regions. In 2018, Sun Chlorella “A” Powder became the world’s first Chlorella product to be Certified for Sport by NSF International. More than 40 years have passed since we first launched Sun Chlorella “A” and we are continuously striving to add more value to it. Much in part to all the stakeholders who have seen the vast potential in Sun Chlorella, we are able to celebrate our 50-year anniversary.

In the near future, our world will encounter various changes as well as innovations. Diverse corporate management will soon become Japanese companies’ requirement. Our 50-year anniversary is a new beginning for us to think toward our future and we are so grateful for this opportunity. We have been given a chance to face the uncertainties of our future while also pursuing our ideal future. Our ideal future is always filled with the smiles of our stakeholders. The smaller the gap between our expected future and our ideal future, the more we can embody our corporate vision and mission statements.

With our 51st year fast approaching, we are committed to strive to secure our ideal future which can only be seen by a forward thinking company like ours.

Futoshi NAKAYAMA President, CEO of Sun Chlorella Corp.

Sun Chlorella Corp.

President, CEO


Futoshi NAKAYAMA President, CEO of Sun Chlorella Corp.

Vision Statement

To be a global company that produces and sells the highest quality chlorella on Earth.

Mission Statement

  • Maintain awareness of global standards and sell products based on correct product knowledge, business morality and sense of ethics.
  • Recognize and demonstrate the value of “Health is Wealth” from our customer’s perspective to deliver satisfaction beyond our customer’s expectations.
  • Create and preserve corporate values that will continually bring smiles and excitement to all stakeholders.