-Health is Wealth-

We want everyone to be happy, and to spend their days in good and active health.
The importance of health in daily life is our most important value.
Over the years, Sun Chlorella has promoted chlorella as a whole food,
and with our new logo and our slogan of “Health is Wealth,”
we will continue to make every effort in supporting your health.


Vision & Mission Statements

  • ■ Vision Statement:
  • To be a global company that produces and sells the highest quality chlorella on Earth.
  • ■ Mission Statement:
  • – Maintain awareness of global standards and sell products based on correct product knowledge, business morality and sense of ethics.
  • – Recognize and demonstrate the value of “Health is Wealth” from our customer’s perspective to deliver satisfaction beyond our customer’s expectations.
  • – Create and preserve corporate values that will continually bring smiles and excitement to all stakeholders.