W Sun Gold

1 bottle (500ml) JPY19,000
3 bottles (1.5L) JPY39,900
An Excellent Combination of C.G.F. and Malic Acid

W Sun Gold contains rich C.G.F. (Chlorella Growth Factor) which is a complex of nucleic acid and amino acid. Sun Chlorella combines C.G.F. with Malic Acid in order to facilitate the consumption of C.G.F. and allow our bodies to absorb the benefits of C.G.F. more effectively. W Sun Gold with a little bit sour taste increases the appetites of all ages, particularly for those people whose daily sugar intake are strictly forbidden.


Concentrated Chlorella extract (C.G.F.)
Dl-malic acid
Lemon extract
Sodium benzoate

Suggested use:
Drink as it is or dilute with a glass of water or juice, 15-30 ml per day

This product was manufactured at a certified factory that meets the dietary / food supplement Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards of the Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association.