The healthy lifestyle by taking one boottle a day Sun Chlorella Drink

10 bottles (1L) JPY17,000
30 bottles (3L) JPY45,000
100 bottles (10L) JPY140,000
200 bottles (20L) JPY260,000
Landmark Nutritional Liquid Supplement blended two kinds of ingredient

This is a luxury beverage with two kinds of superior ingredient which blends at an optimum percentage. That is to say, they are the concentrated extract (C.G.F.) from chlorella which is outdoor cultured under the extreme sunlight and the water right on the equator, as well as the concentrated extract from eleuthero roots groomed over many years on northern climes.
For your health maintenance and refreshment, try SUN CHLORELLA DRINK!

Chlorella extract (C.G.F.)
Lemon extract
Eleuthero extract
Plum extract
Vanilla extract
Dl-Malic acid
Propolis extract

Suggested use:
1 bottle per day as dietary supplement.