Sun Anserine

1 bottle (120 tablets) JPY8,900
3 bottles (360 tablets) JPY25,200
Fish Peptide Amino Acid Strengthens the Benefits of Eleuthero

Many people would like to enjoy all the delicious foods around the world and energize themselves enthusiastically. Thus, we recommend these people to take Sun Anserine for a better health. Anserine is usually found in the muscles of many migratory fishes such as tuna and bonito. These fishes need to swim for long distances while maintaining a very high speed. Anserine is also found in the muscles of some birds. Sun Anserine is developed by extracting anserine from wild tunas and bonitos with 99% of purines eliminated (fish peptide), combining with the energized healthy herb—eleuthero, and enclosing in vegetable HPMC capsules for easy consumption.

Fish extract (Anserine contained)
Eleuthero roots
Calcium stearate
HPMC capsules

Suggested use:
Ingest 2-4 tablets a day with hot or cold water. Swallowing with water is only voluntarily recommended ingestion method however. Ingestion by leaking and chewing is just fine as well.