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1 box (150 tablets) JPY5,000
3 boxes (450 tablets) JPY12,000
Foods with Function Claims containing "Astaxanthin"

Astaxanthin is a type of natural pigment and carotenoid. The reddish meats of salmon that go up a torrent of river to lay eggs are also due to astaxanthin pigments. It has been reported that astaxanthin maintains normal eye-pint accommodation and alleviates the fatigue associated with daily PC and other works. To Megami, this astaxanthin is used as the main ingredient, and “Crocetin,” “β-Carotene,” and “Eleuthero” are mixed together using our original technology. Please feel the mutual power of Megami only. Megami is the first foods with function claims which Sun Chlorella manufactured. (Notification No. C230)

Haematococcus algae colour
Eleuthero extract
Lactose (derived from milk)
Vegetable oil
Gardenia yellow dye
Yeast wall

Suggested use:
Consume 10 tablets a day without chewing with water or hot water.

This product was manufactured at a certified factory that meets the dietary / food supplement Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards of the Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association.