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New registration(會員資訊修改)




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  • 1. Proper Acquisition of Personal Information
    Sun Chlorella acquires the personal information based on the request of information materials or order of products, in case of acquisition of your personal information. Sun Chlorella acquires in principle information provided from you, and does not acquire such information without prior consent of you. Sun Chlorella would like to ask you about your address, name, phone number, e-mail address and sex based on the operational necessity and for proof of identity. You do not always answer to the questions such as age and other ones. Please tell me as much about that as you can. However, there are services which are not available if you cannot answer to our questions. Also, for the improvement of our service, there are cases that the speech communication between Sun Chlorella staff and you are recorded.
  • 2. Utilization of Personal Information
    Sun Chlorella utilizes your personal information for the following purposes. Sun Chlorella will not utilize the information beyond a scope in which it is reasonably considered that the utilization is necessary for achieving the purpose.

    ♦Utilization Purpose
    • 1. Your Personal Information
      ·Shipping and delivery of products you purchased, or materials/samples you requested
      ·After-sales service to customers patronize our products *
      ·The contents of after-sales service are phone call, direct mail, e-mail newsletter, letters, and so on.
      ·Distribution of direct mail relating health information or e-mail newsletter *
      ·Response to those who contacted our customer service
      ·Notification of events or questionnaire that Sun Chlorella Group organized *
      ·Inquiries or communication from Sun Chlorella to customers
      ·Answers to inquiries about your purchasing status from your family or introducer *
      ·Identification of family and introducer *
      ·Distribution of notification e-mail when the various necessary procedures including the purchase of products on our website are interrupted *

      The services marked with * are conducted based on your consent, that is, “ membership registration”. If you do not desire to receive such services, Sun Chlorella will stop those services.
    • 2. Personal Information Relating to Employment
      ·Inquiry and notification to those who applied for the recruitment of Sun Chlorella
      ·Acquisition and utilization of resume for employment selection

      If your application for employment is not accepted as the result of the employment selection, Sun Chlorella will not fail to inform you accordingly. As for the personal information which Sun Chlorella collect from the applicants, Sun Chlorella will waste them in a responsible manner. Please understand that we will not return the personal information.
    • 3. Personal Information of Employees
      ·Acquisition and utilization of each personal information for employment management of employee
  • 3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
    Sun Chlorella will not provide your personal information to the third party excluding the case when we get your explicit consent about the utilization of personal information you provided us. However, in the following cases, Sun Chlorella provides the information to the third party without the prior consent.

    • (1) Cases in which the handling of personal information is based on laws and regulations.
    • (2) Cases in which the handling of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual, the improvement of public health or promoting of the sound growth of children and in which it is difficult to obtain your consent.
    • (3) Cases in which the handling of personal information is necessary for cooperation with a state organ, a local government, or any party delegated by either a state organ or local government to execute affairs prescribed by any law or ordinance and in which obtaining your consent is likely to impede the execution of those affairs.

    For comparison, information such as joint utilization service like community site or exchange of e-mail you disclosed by yourself is regarded as the public information. Also, Sun Chlorella sometimes publishes the aggregate results that we processed the personal information statistically. However, it does not include the information that the personal identification is available.
  • 4. Joint Utilization of Personal Information
    Sun Chlorella jointly utilizes your personal information between group companies.

    • (1) Lists of personal data for joint utilization of your personal information
      Your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, inquiry
    • (2) Scope of joint utilization of your personal information
      ·Sun Chlorella Sales Corporation, Overseas Affiliates, Overseas distributors
    • (3) Purpose of joint utilization of your personal information
      • 1. To respond to the inquiries or consultation from you
      • 2. To provide the services you applied
      • 3. To fulfill the various business attached with the above services
    • (4) Responsible person of joint utilization of your personal information
      ·Sun Chlorella Corporation
    • (5) Information acquisition method

    Entry form on the website, e-mail, FAX, postcard, verbal communication like a “telephone”, other documents, and so on
  • 5. Entrustment of Personal Information
    Sun Chlorella will entrust your personal information to the companies entrusted with operations within the extent necessary for conducting the transactions you applied.
    In case Sun Chlorella entrusts the business to the another party, Sun Chlorella will select the delegated party based on our standard and also entrust the business only to the company which concluded the contract concerning the protection of personal information(security protection, prohibition of utilization other than for intentional purposes, safety control, and so on).
  • 6. SSL(Secure Socket Layer)
    Sun Chlorella utilizes “SSL (Secure Socket Layer)” that prevents the information interception by encrypting it when your personal information is sent by Internet for security on our website. “SSL” is the industry standard as one of the methods of ensuring the safety on communication on the website.
  • 7. Cookies
    Sun Chlorella utilizes “Cookies” for providing the services on our website. “Cookies” is what used for discriminating users through the Web browser at the time of your visit, and it is not for identifying your personal information. Nullifying “Cookies” by changing the settings of the Web browser is possible, but there are cases that functions of our website and a part of our service are unavailable. We appreciate your understanding.
  • 8. Handling of Credit Card Information
    Our purpose of utilization for acquisition of credit card information, name of acquisitor, name of destination, credit card information retention period are as follows.

    • (1) Purpose of utilization
      For settling price of purchasing our products
    • (2) Name of an acquisitor
      Sun Chlorella Corporation
    • (3) Name of destination
      Various payment business operators and payment agencies including each credit card company you utilize at the time of credit-card payment
    • (4) Credit card information retention period
      Sun Chlorella utilizes the payment agencies for the payment on your credit card and registration of your credit card. Sun Chlorella will not hold your credit card information at all after your credit card information is disclosed to payment agencies.
  • 9. Matters concerning the procedure in replying to your requests for notification or disclosure of the utilization purpose of your personal information
    Sun Chlorella will take the appropriate responses to your requests for notification, disclosure, amendments, additions or deletions of utilization purpose of your personal information, discontinuance and elimination of the utilization, discontinuance of offering the utilization purpose to the third party(here in after called “disclosure, etc.”).
    Information that you requested is not shared between group campany.
    Please contact each company for the confirmation on your registration status.

    • 1. Personal information having the authority to meet the request of disclosure, etc.
      • (1) Your Personal Information
      • (2) Personal Information for employment
      • (3) Personal Information of employees
    • 2. Personal information it is impossible to meet the request of disclosure, etc.

      Personal information that Sun Chlorella gets from the original source is out of disclosure.

      Under certain circumstances, there are times when we cannot respond to the request of disclosure of your personal information provided in the law. We appreciate your understanding. In that case, decision of non-disclosure will be notified with the reasons for the refusal.
    • 3. How to request of disclosure, etc.

      With regard to the inquiries regarding your personal information, please contact the following links below. Sun Chlorella will advise you the details about the procedure in accordance with your contact. Sun Chlorella requests you the submission of documents required for identity verification in this procedure.
      • (1) Commission for personal information disclosure
        Regarding the notification or disclosure of utilization purpose of your personal information, there are cases that the prescribed fee on the basis of actual expenses will be charged to you every time a bill comes in. Also, there are cases that Sun Chlorella cannot disclose your personal information due to unavoidable reasons.
      • (2) Contact information for making any inquiry or filing a complaint regarding the handling of your personal information
        Please contact the following to make any inquiry or file a complaint regarding the handling of your personal information.
  • 10. Contact information for inquiries regarding your personal information