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We will introduce selected essential ingredients of our products.



Chlorella is the one of green algae.
It’s so small with 3 to 8 micrometers in diameter.
It divides four times every 20-24 hours.

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Siberian ginseng is the same family as Korean ginseng. It has been used as health maintainance for long time in China, Russia and Hokkaido(nothern part of Japan).

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Scientific name is “Agaricus blazei Murill” and called “Himematsutake” in Japanese. The nutrient components which work on health maintainance is included in both fruiting body and mycelium.

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Chlorella Library

Chlorella is well- known as a health food. We provide you basic knowledge and related information about chlorella in detail.
  • Chlorella Library Vol.1

    540 million years of memories reminded in Chlorella's ganes
    ― Mysterious plant raised by sunshine and water ―

  • Chlorella Library Vol.2

    Chlorella is a mine of amino acids(1)
    ― Indispensable nutrients for life support ―

  • Chlorella Library Vol.3

    Chlorella is a mine of amino acids(2)
    ― Amino-acid power for health in the public limelight ―

  • Chlorella Library Vol.4

    Chlorella as whole food
    ― Lesson from a diet regimen ―

  • Chlorella Library Vol.5

    C. G. F. (Chlorella Growth Factor)
    ― The most valuable substance in chlorella ―

  • Chlorella Library Vol.6

    Tough cell wall for protecting chlorella
    ― Pulverized cell wall technology proprietary developed ―