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Our Mission 01

a more active, healthy, long-living society

Our Mission 02

a work-life balance
where people can live healthier lives
through sports

Our Mission 03

Leaving a richer environment
for the next generation

We are committed to carry out our mission and save the world one chlorella tablet at a time

About Our Products

Sun Chlorella manufactures and distributes health products that make use of natural ingredients,
such as chlorella, agaricus, and eleuthero.
Explanations of each ingredient and product information can be found below.
Let Sun Chlorella’s health food products become a part of your daily nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

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A single celled, fresh water green algae. Contains a good balance of nutrients that are essential to building a healthy body.

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A plant from the same family of flowering plants as ginseng. This plant has been prized since ancient times for its health benefits.

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A generic name for all mushrooms of the agaric family. Known as “Himematsutake” in Japanese, it has been the subject of extensive research.

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A type of carotenoid found in salmon and salmon roe. Extracted from Haematococcus algae.

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Fish peptides found in the muscles of fish that swim fast over long distances, such as tuna and bonito.

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About the CSR Initiative

In order to bring about a richer, healthier society,
and to provide a better lifestyle for all of our stakeholders, including customers and employees,
Sun Chlorella as a company maintains an awareness of our social responsibility while advancing our various initiatives,
from product quality to advertising and sports sponsorship.

Customer Service Initiatives

From development and manufacturing to sales, we have developed a consistent management system of trust, security and responsibility.

Quality Initiatives

In order to provide the highest quality chlorella. We are committed to our unique practices, from culturing environment to manufacturing method.

Environmental Initiatives

We have deployed environmental protection and conservation initiatives throughout the company in order to leave a rich global environment for the next generation.

Employee Initiatives

We promote harmony between work and life so that each employee can enjoy personal time and live a healthy lifestyle.

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International Expansion

In order to deliver our products to all customers who have an interest in health, Sun Chlorella has established its own independent direct sales organization that places sales offices throughout Japan, and a global network that is expanding to various countries around the world.
We will continue to strive to further strengthen our network to be a company that can proactively respond to health needs around the world.

Domestic Network

The Sun Chlorella Group regards communication with our customers as vital, so we have established a system that can quickly respond to customers nationwide, and always provide customer satisfaction, through our direct sales locations and mail order sales systems.

Domestic Network

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Global Network

The desire for good health... This is common throughout the world. Furthermore, the trend throughout the world is a preference for non-artificial, more natural goods. With great support from the community, Sun Chlorella products are now well-loved in many countries throughout the world.

International Network

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